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DO TECH offers streamlined business solutions for day-to-day business, but where and how did it all begin?

How Do We Do It?

With over two decades of experience in telecommunications and services, DO TECH has been delivering thriving office automation solutions to South African businesses by keeping their internal technology operations streamlined, advanced and well supported.

DO TECH understands that business technologies – like all technologies – are forever evolving and expanding and our team is continually at the forefront of these innovations to ensure that your organisation can tap into the ongoing advancements and gain a competitive advantage within your sphere of business.

Why Do We Do It?

Conceptualised, formed, managed and owned by our Managing Director Shannon de Saint Pern who has always taken a hands-on approach in ensuring all products and office automation solutions are delivered to the highest possible standards as well as to your companies unique needs and budget. Should you want to set up a consultation with Shannon personally and receive the best possible technical advice for your business, please contact him here

“Helping companies benefit from cost-effective technology solutions.”


Our Team

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We are suppliers of the following brands:

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  • Bitco Internet Solutions Logo
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A successful business achieves further success from working with the best.

No business success is ever achieved solely on its own. Every business is built on relationships between suppliers, staff, management and the partners it chooses to make relationships with. We have carefully chosen our suppliers and service providers focusing on the strength of technology, the ability to provide on-going support and expertise as well as products that are priced competitively.